I am really excited to announce that my first murder mystery book for adults 'Grounds for Murder' will be published by bacon and eggs media shortly! Set in the Suffolk countryside, Constable Country, this English whodunnit could not be set in a more different world than the setting of my Bella Street books! 'Grounds for Murder' is the first in my 'Constable Country Mysteries' series. I'll keep you posted!

I am so proud to be a guest blogger on the Reading for Australia site which supports Australian children in their quest to win the international Kids' Lit Quiz. Check out the post here and read more about getting your school involved in the Quiz here
I am particularly proud to be involved with this initiative as one of the other 'Supporters' is a favourite author of mine, Isabelle Carmody. I love her 'Little Fur' series and her 'Kingdom of the Lost' series - fantastic and unique books which inspire young and old. (How great is the title 'A Fox Called Sorrow'?! Love it!)
The December ebook promotion will begin on Amazon on December 1 using Amazon's new Countdown offering!
I am thrilled to reveal the new cover for 'The Secret Formula'! The cover was designed by author and cover designer extraordinaire, Bella Street! Yes, I know it is an AMAZING coincidence but Bella Street the book designer and best selling author has designed the cover of a book about a girl called Bella Street! Bella based the cover around a wonderful illustration by Melbourne artist Kate McCartney. I love the new cover! Check out more of Bella's work here. Thanks Bella! Can't wait for the new 'Doc Gutson's Revenge' cover.

I have just finished reading Annabel Scheme, another book by Robin Sloan. What a great read! I also love the story behind how Robin Sloan raised the funds to publish Annabel Scheme on Kickstarter
I was thrilled that the second book in my Doc Gutson's trilogy, Doc Gutson's Revenge, was a finalist in the Sydney Woollahra Local Writers' Word Festival this weekend! The first book in the series, The Secret Formula, was a finalist in last year's competition which makes it doubly great! Judges Giulia Giuffre and Kate Fitzpatrick couldn't have been nicer and the other shortlisted books were fascinating and the authors charming! A great day in a beautiful setting! 
I recently read the wonderful 'Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore' by Robin Sloan. This is a fantastic book that weaves together the worlds of old books and 21st Century technology. Although it is written for a slightly older audience than my Bella Street books, there are a couple of things both have in common — a love of Dashiell Hammett and computer geeks! (you probably can't say that about too many other books!) Thanks to The Economist for putting me onto Mr Sloan's great book! 

Great quote


I came across this quote on the site of publishing guru J Konrath — it can apply to far more than just publishing — great quote!
"One hand should always be reaching up for your next goal. The other should be reaching down to help others get where you're at. We're all in the same boat. Start passing out oars."
Love. It.