The Bellamy Bird has received a great review from AusTARS, The Arthur Ransome Society, Australia, the organisation that celebrates the work of wonderful children's book writer, Arthur Ransome.

'Time travel, sailing and a mystery...make for an entertaining tale!'

This review means a great deal to me as I am a huge fan of Swallows and Amazons and the subsequent books, (my favourite being Pigeon Post and Coot Club). I would recommend them to anyone who loves British stories, sailing, or who has a sense of nostalgia for simpler times!
I am pleased to announce that if you bought 'A Bella Street Mystery: The Secret Formula' or 'A Bella Street Mystery: Doc Gutson's Revenge' as a paperback on Amazon, you can now download a free copy of the ebook as a THANK YOU for your support! There is also a special edition of the first two books in the series coming soon with a great new cover. Stand by!
The Bellamy Bird, my new story for 7-adult readers - a time travelling adventure story set partly in 1930s England is out now! Currently rated five star on Amazon and Goodreads! The paperback will be available at the end of October 2014 - just in time for Christmas!

Almbury Manor is the ancestral home of the Bellamy family who have a priceless heirloom, a golden statue known as the Bellamy Bird, a gift from an Indian Prince - solid gold and encrusted with precious stones, the Bird is quite priceless. One Midsummer's Eve in 1931 the statue is stolen, causing the downfall of the Bellamy family and the loss of Almbury Manor. Modern day siblings, Freddie and Jamie, descendants of the Bellamy family, go back in time to try to prevent the robbery and secure their family's future with the help of some mischievous schoolboys, a group of sailing-mad children and boat called Wren. Fans of Enid Blyton, Arthur Ransome, Agatha Christie and Richmal Crompton will enjoy The Bellamy Bird - from the author of A Bella Street Mystery: The Secret Formula and A Bella Street Mystery: Doc Gutson's Revenge.

The cover was created by Patrick Baker at Egg Creative Design in Melbourne, who also created my Bella Street covers. I'm really happy with the cover - love that vibrant red!

I think this book will entertain both children and adults alike! Read a sample here....

The other day, when searching Flickr for inspiring photos for my forthcoming middle grade novel Ghosts on the River, (when I found that wonderful photo of the girls - see post below), I also came across a marvelous picture of two boys in a rowing boat which seemed to me to capture perfectly the essence of summertime and being young and having adventures which lies at the heart of Ghosts on the River.
As the photo is copyrighted I approached the owner to ask how much I could pay him to use the photo on my site and he kindly gave me permission to use it free of charge as he is a fellow writer! How incredibly kind perfect strangers can be! Thank you, Deak Wooten.

I found this photo on Flickr today - it is part of the Samuel J Hood Studio collection at the Australian National Maritime Museum. I love the girls' smiles - they remind me of two characters from my new novel for middle graders - Ghosts on the River, Freddie and Alex.
The novel is set in the halcyon days between World War I and World War II, at an English country manor house and on the river that runs through it's grounds.
Fans of 'Swallows and Amazons' by Arthur Ransome, 'Just William' by Richmal Crompton, Agatha Christie and PG Wodehouse should love this book!
More information on my 'Ghosts on the River' page....

One of my favorite things about writing is how it has enabled me to meet the most talented, interesting people - often other writers! One such person is time travel romance writer Bella Street from Tennessee. We happened to meet through the coincidence of her name being the same as my feisty girl detective Bella Street from my 'tween noir' novels.

Bella has written a LOT of books! The first ones I read were her bestselling Apocalypse Babes series - where a group of young adults find themselves far, far from home and where nothing is as it seems.  These books have deservedly received much acclaim and are very hard to put down!

Bella's great Tennessee Waltz series involves time travel and magic - Bella has a real gift at writing about different eras and I really hope to see more historical fiction from her.

For those of you who may not have read Bella's books yet, I am offering five free Kindle ebook copies of the first in her Apocalypse Babes series, The Z Word, and five free Kindle ebook copies of Kiss Me, I'm Irish, the first in her Tennessee Waltz series. Contact me in the comments box below. First come, first served! Check out Bella's site: and her Facebook page for more from the author herself!

Bella was recently gracious enough to answer a few questions that I'd always wanted to ask her, not least where her passion for playing the fiddle comes from and what is her favorite Civil Wars song! (a girl who writes as she does, has to love the Civil Wars, I figured!)

Here are her answers!

What is it that draws you to writing about time travel?

It's the classic fish out of water theme--how does someone cope with a completely new environment? It's also an opportunity for someone to have their preconceived notions challenged when they find they are actually experiencing an event rather than just reading about it from a dusty library book. Add a little romance for extra tension.

What kind of research do you do about the different times and places you write about?

Research is one of the best parts because I learn new things as well. I use the internet, but always try to back it up with older source material via old books and newspapers.

What are some of your favorite time travel books?

Doomsday Book by Connie Willis is probably my favorite but I got my start early with A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'engle. I've also read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Waterfall by Lisa Bergren, to name a few, but I started writing time-travel romance after being inspired by a Harlequin romance novel about a cowboy who comes forward in time to find a girl he'd met while she'd gone back in time. I think it was called A Man Out of Time.

What has been the inspiration behind your love of fiddle music?

Alison Krauss, primarily. But I've always loved the sound and really want to learn. I hardly ever practice because I have no talent, no ear, and so I kind of suck. But I keep trying :)

Do you have a soundtrack for each book you write?

Always. I need music to inspire me. I put playlists together while I write and eventually always associate the songs with the novel. My playlists thus far are for Tennessee Waltz and Apocalypse Babes. Lana Del Rey is my new musical crush, so her songs will probably figure heavily in my next works.

Which is your favorite Civil Wars song?!

ALL OF THEM. Omigosh they might be the best band on the planet. Special favs include: Barton Hollow, The Violet Hour, I Had Me A Girl, Eavesdrop, and their Smashing Pumpkins cover of Disarm.

How long does each book take you to write?

Ugh. Too long. Probably 4 to 6 months is the new average.

Who do you most admire in the writing world?

Every writer who puts out their magnum opus to the world. It's terrifying and a huge vulnerability.

You live in Tennessee - what influence do you think location has had on your writing?

After living on the West Coast with its majestic beauty, Tennessee has more of a genteel, delicate beauty. Within this seeming frailty are venomous snakes and bugs and killer humidity. Great contrasts there :)

In five years time, what would you like to be able to say about your writing journey?

That my future books are improved and my readers, happier :)

Thanks, Bella!

    Free Bella Street e-books!

The first book in my Constable Country Mysteries series, Writer's Block, is now available on Amazon! I am thrilled at this new venture into grown up mysteries! Buy the book here.
I am really excited to announce that my first murder mystery book for adults 'Writer's Block' will be published by bacon and eggs media shortly! Set in the Suffolk countryside, Constable Country, this English whodunnit could not be set in a more different world than the setting of my Bella Street books! 'Writer's Block' is the first in my 'Constable Country Mysteries' series. I'll keep you posted!

I am so proud to be a guest blogger on the Reading for Australia site which supports Australian children in their quest to win the international Kids' Lit Quiz. Check out the post here and read more about getting your school involved in the Quiz here
I am particularly proud to be involved with this initiative as one of the other 'Supporters' is a favourite author of mine, Isabelle Carmody. I love her 'Little Fur' series and her 'Kingdom of the Lost' series - fantastic and unique books which inspire young and old. (How great is the title 'A Fox Called Sorrow'?! Love it!)
The December ebook promotion will begin on Amazon on December 1 using Amazon's new Countdown offering!
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